Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cameron and I hang out at the Quail Botanical Gardens with Lena and Stephine. January 5th 2010.
Cameron loves to roam around all the trees and the flowers.

Cameron and Lena drawing on the huge chalk board. They were so cute walking together holding hands. As soon as I find the pics I will post them.
They have a awesome play area for kids, where they can build a little hut, play in the tree house (the last picture). They have little water streams, and different games. Of course they have tons of beautiful and cool gardens for us to wander around in.

Christmas 2009

I know it is way past Christmas but as you can see I am so far behind. I am going to try to bring this up to dats in the next week. Christmas was so nice to have Daddy home. It was great to be able to surprise him with a new TV that I won on the radio, yay love winning things. This is a pic of Thomas when he first came out to see the wrapped up box, he was thinking what the heck is that. Our beautiful kids are getting so big! It was a wonderful Christmas all around.